Profit Agro is proud and honored to announce the launch of India’s first full scale Hydroponic Raft System. Set in the city of Bangalore, this greenhouse is a huge step forward in Industrialized Agriculture in India. We would like to thank Mr. B.V Naidu, Chairman of the Federation of Indo Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FIICC), for giving us this opportunity and collaborating with Profit Agro in setting up the greenhouse.

The Hydroponic Raft Systems or HRS uses deep water cultivation ponds to create the most sustainable solution.  Furthermore, this smart & simple Agro- Technical solution uses less fertilizer, water and power than ever before. The system itself stands in a league of its own and we’re very proud that yet another implementation is on its way to providing India its future in Industrialized Agriculture.

Modernizing Indian Agriculture is a significant part of the growing economy. Hydroponic Raft systems is a huge phenomenon due to its large yield production and durability in all weather conditions. This project proves to be the first biggest step in industrialized Agriculture for India.