MGK Farming Kits in Africa

With all of the technological breakthroughs, automation and integration in the agricultural world, it is nice to see that sometimes smart and simple gets the job done.  The MGK (modular greenhouse kit) for small and medium scale farmers is the perfect example that you must plan the structure around every variable in the project to [...]

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Masem GHrowIL 2019 Summit

How can we leverage modern technology to increase agriculture productivity? The Summit is the brainchild of Masem Foundation. According to CEO, Cyril Heymann, "this initiative is born out of a deep conviction that Africa can grow enough food to feed itself, feed the world and earn billions by unlocking the potentials of its agriculture [...]

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PickApp in Hortidaily

Israel: "Making changes to schedules in real time without setting foot on the farm" In the vast field of Agricultural IOT there are solutions for just about everything. However, the one thing that ensures a successful project is the hands on deck. It is for this reason that PickApp was created. Being a holistic farm [...]

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The Ultimate Cannabis Cultivation Structure

The sophisticated Top Light Greenhouse is the most advanced greenhouse structure innovation for cannabis cultivation. This Greenhouse model is specifically designed for the F-clean film (membrane). The F-clean film is a thin membrane, made of ETFE foil. Not only is it extremely durable (Teflon) – it has a lifespan of over fifteen years – it [...]

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The First HRS System in India

It's been some time since we dove into the complex realm of hydroponic solutions for growing lettuce and other leafy greens.  The system we have developed fits in our standard poly-greenhouse and uses forced ventilation and an internal shade screen system for climate control.  Our Hydroponic Raft Systems or HRS use deep water cultivation ponds [...]

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