Since the BOE published their order implementing mandatory time and attendance tracking for companies in Spain there has been a surge in the need for efficient timeclock solutions. The measure officially came into effect on the 12th of May 2019 and is meant to avoid, among other things labor abuse and fraud in paying or compensating for overtime. It should ultimately create more government oversight and control over specific labor affairs.

“For the agricultural sector in Spain this order is no easy measure, but our PickApp, an easy to use farm management solution, can be of great use to go over smoothly and even to help local farmers thrive”, says Gonen Paz of Profit Agro.

The New Mandatory Time Tracking Law in Spain states plainly that:

  • All companies must keep an hourly record of their employees regardless of their workday.
  • Companies must keep an employee’s time record for four years and it must be available to the employees and unions.
  • Employees must know the distribution and duration of an ordinary workday.
  • The unions must be notified monthly of an employee’s overtime hours.
  • Remote employees are not exempt from this law and their time and attendance must also be tracked.
  • Failure to comply with the decree will result in fines of a few hundred to a few thousand euros depending on severity.

Automated reporting
“Compliance with this new law is very important, therefore a simple solution with automated reporting is in high demand. PickApp allows a farmer to track time, increase productivity, and ensure quality control in real time. It is a cloud-based solution that can operate on any smartphone and best of all for Spanish farmers it has a built-in timestamp feature which ensures compliance with the new mandatory timecard law. This is the easiest and most reliable way to record employee attendance. The smartphone app automates other Human Resources management tasks as well such as tracking a specific employee’s progress, maintaining harvesting efficiency and pinpointing distressed crops.

Always around 
Because it is a cloud-based app, farmers can get all the data they need on any specific plot, crop or employee remotely and in real-time. “We used to have to constantly drive out into the fields to show our presence” says Gonen Paz of ProFit Agro, “now even when we have to go away for days at a time, our presence is always felt and we can make changes to schedules, address quality issues and communicate with the entire workforce from a distance”. 

PickApp, which started as an Israeli startup has grown to serve 60% of the local agricultural sector. “Whether for Capsicum in Israel or Blueberries in Mexico the app is rapidly becoming the ultimate farm management application combining smart & simple to keep control of the farm in the farmer’s hands”.