Israel: “Making changes to schedules in real time without setting foot on the farm”

In the vast field of Agricultural IOT there are solutions for just about everything. However, the one thing that ensures a successful project is the hands on deck. It is for this reason that PickApp was created.

Being a holistic farm management application PickApp controls three of the most crucial variables in farming; harvesting, quality control and real time management and it does it all by remote control.

Barcode scanning
The way PickApp works is by gathering data using a barcode scanning app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone. Each worker is assigned a user and stickers with barcodes are installed at the farmers will to define areas such as rows, fields or greenhouses. The app uploads the data in real time to a cloud operated system that the farmer can access from his or her phone, tablet or PC. Each management system is customized to the farm it is intended for.

“Before PickApp I was completely in the dark”, says Rea Zer, a Capsicum farmer in the Arava desert in Israeli. “Now, I can be in a meeting on the other side of the world and know exactly what’s going on with each farm hand. How much they’ve harvested, where they’ve performed tasks and I can make changes to schedules in real time without setting foot on the farm”.

“Seeing PickApp in action we immediately recognized the potential” says Gavriel Yinhar, Marketing Director at ProFit Agro, “It matches up perfectly with our business approach of supplying tailor-made solutions that are customized to our client’s needs. This is the most user friendly and cost-effective solution that we’ve seen, and we are proud to take part in it.”

Increase harvesting productivity  
The app works in favor of the laborers as well. Most farm hands are compensated according to harvested quantities. Since implementing PickApp 4 years ago Rea’s farm has seen a harvesting productivity increase of 500 kg per worker, moving from 700 kg to upwards of 1.2 Tons a day. In the Arava region over 60% of all farm management is done using PickApp. Now through the alliance with ProFit Agro they are implementing their technology abroad with systems up and running in Latin America, Africa and Europe.