The sophisticated Top Light Greenhouse is the most advanced greenhouse structure innovation for cannabis cultivation. This Greenhouse model is specifically designed for the F-clean film (membrane). The F-clean film is a thin membrane, made of ETFE foil. Not only is it extremely durable (Teflon) – it has a lifespan of over fifteen years – it is naturally resistant to UV light and it allows up to 94 percent (93% diffused) light transmittance increasing crop quantity and quality. This is relevant to high value crops such as cannabis. Unlike most glass greenhouses the Top Light roof has a single gable span of 9.6-meters and by opening a ridge vent with two 2.6-meter wings on each side it has the largest roof ventilation ratio of 54 percent.  The unique structural design uses less material producing significantly less shade compared to any Venlo Greenhouse.

“The maximized light, an open UV spectrum the long lifespan and the high ventilation capacity is why our clients’ consider it to be next generation technology for cannabis cultivation”.